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The Tenth Annual Lackawanna Reads
One Book, One College

Send Judah First: The Erased Life of an Enslaved Soul

By Brian Johnson

Office 365 Information

What you need to know

Ø  Some usernames have changed.   

o   Usernames and email address have not changed for the majority of students.  The only exception will be students who had a username with more than 18 characters (this includes the period between the first and last name).  We removed the hyphens from these accounts and cut the name off at the 18 characters.  We sent an email to all students including the username and instructions to access the 365 account.


Ø  Passwords did not change.


Ø  Accessing Office 365

o   Open any browser and type 365.lackawanna.edu

o   Go to portal.lackawanna.edu and click either the Falcons E-Mail or Office 365 email link under the Quick Links menu on the left.


Ø  Accessing GMAIL accounts

o   Go to portal.lackawanna.edu and click Old Falcons Email (GMAIL) link under the Quick Links menu on the left.

NOTE: The GMAIL account will remain active until December 2020.  Once we deactivate this account students will no longer be able to access emails, contacts, and calendar data unless it was previously exported or backed up.  We did provide students with steps to migrate this data to their Office 365 accounts.


Ø  Copying contacts, mail, and calendar data into Office 365.

o   Click the following document (Add GMAIL to Outlook.docx) for instructions to connect your GMAIL account to Outlook.  Then follow these steps to import Google email into Office 365 using Outlook.  

o   Follow these steps to export and import contacts and calendar events. 

NOTE: This option will only be available until December 2020 at which time your GMAIL account will be deactivated.

Ø  Google Suite

o   These tools will still be available.  If you would like to export and download your data follow these steps.


Ø  If you logged into Office 365 with your Falcons email address prior to this transition to download Office or access OneDrive, your password automatically changed to your portal password.



Benefits of Office 365

·         Students will have access to download Microsoft Office on up to 5 devices.

·         Office 365 includes 1 TB of OneDrive storage for easy access to upload and retrieve your files.

·         Office 365 includes Teams for collaborating on group projects.



If you experience any issues email support@lackawanna.edu.

Office 365

Instructions for Adding Gmail to Outlook

Add Gmail to Outlook

(.docx, 24K)
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