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Simply put, the purpose of tutoring is to help students develop the skills, techniques, and approaches necessary to become independent learners in their given disciplines. In other words, the tutor's goal is to help the student get to a point where he or she has the intellectual resources to study and/or solve problems on his or her own. Annette Gourgey of Upsala College said it best, when she stated that, "the most profound education that students can receive in tutoring is not about a specific subject but about understanding how to learn, and about their personal role in that process." Thus, the role of the tutor is not to teach or instruct, but rather, to guide and assist the student as he or she continuously makes attempts to tackle the material.

Tutoring is a completely free service that is available to all currently enrolled students at Lackawanna College.

Tutoring should not be considered a form of "supplemental instruction," and it is absolutely vital that the student continue to attend class for instruction. The tutor's role is not to teach, but rather, to guide the student in his or her learning. As a result, students should do any necessary reading and studying ahead of time -- and come prepared with questions to ask the tutor. Students should come to tutoring sessions on-time, prepared with their textbook, class or book notes, as well as any assignment instructions or rubrics provided by the instructor.

To sign up for a tutor, a student can do any of the following:

          1. Complete a Tutor Request Form from the Student Success Center (Room 105, Angeli Hall) and return it.

          2. Complete the "Request a Tutor" form located in the upper left of this website.

          3. Contact the Student Success and Tutoring Coordinator at or (570) 961-7885.

Regardless of which option the student chooses, the Student Success and Tutoring Coordinator will then identify a tutor who matches the student's availability, and send the student an email containing the assigned tutor's contact information. It is the student's responsibility to then initiate contact with the tutor. Together, the tutor and tutee will figure out a time and location to meet for a tutoring appointment. Depending on the student's preferences, the tutor and tutee may decide to set up a recurring weekly meeting time.


The tutoring center provides professional tutoring services for any course offered at Lackawanna College. Please be aware that if tutoring has not typically been requested for a certain course, it may take a bit longer to assign a qualified tutor. However, for the vast majority of high demand courses including Intro to Algebra (MAT 110) and College Algebra (MAT 120), professional tutoring is readily available.

When do you offer tutoring?

The tutoring center offers designated daytime drop-in tutoring hours for certain high demand courses and subjects. These drop-in hours are emailed to students on a monthly basis, and are also posted on the bulletin boards throughout the College. Students who submit a tutor request form can list their hours of availability, and more often than not, arrangements can be made for evening or weekend tutoring. If tutoring is not usually requested for a certain course, it may take a bit longer to hire a tutor for that subject.

What happens if I miss an appointment?

Given that the professional tutors commute to meet students, it is mandatory that students show up on-time for tutoring appointments. If a student needs to cancel an appointment due to extenuating circumstances, he or she should let the tutor know at least 24 hours in advance. If a student misses 2 appointments, he or she must meet with the Student Success and Tutoring Coordinator to discuss the situation before continuing to set tutoring appointments.

What qualifications do your tutors have?

All of our tutors have have credits and/or significant experience in the subject(s) they are tutoring. In addition, several of the tutors are also adjunct instructors at the college. We encourage graduates of Lackawanna College who are interested in becoming tutors to reach out to the Student Success and Tutoring Coordinator.

How do I become a tutor?

Thanks for your interest in becoming a tutor! Please see the link to the left — "Interested in Becoming a Tutor?" for information regarding the application and training process.