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Lackawanna College Reporting Procedure for Incidents of Sexual Misconduct

Any College official who is not listed as a confidential resource and receives notice of sexual misconduct or retaliation is obligated to promptly contact the campus Title IX Coordinator, Marsha Pigga 501 Vine Street Office 102, Scranton, PA 18509 (570)955-1466 / 570)677-7589 and must complete the Incident Reporting Form at

Informal Process

The complainant may choose to proceed with an informal process to resolve the complaint. At any time, the complainant may end the informal process and decide to begin the formal stage of the complaint process. The goal of informal resolution is to address the allegation, resolve the complaint and prevent future occurrence. Informal resolution is not an option in the case of rape or sexual assault.


Formal Process

Students:  Any individual or third party may report sexual misconduct including sexual assault, by initiating either a criminal process and/or a formal institutional process.


Institutional Process                                                                   

Reports can be made to one of the following:

  • Title IX Coordinator,

      Marsha Pigga 501 Vine Street, Office 102, Scranton, PA 18509


  • ¨Dean of Students

      Dan LaMagna 501 Vine Street, Office 104, Scranton, PA 18509


  • Associate Dean of Students/Title IX Deputy Coordinator          

      Tony Ferrese 501 Vine Street, Suite 105B, Scranton, PA 18509

      (570) 955-1522 /  (570)892-8337

  • Public Safety (570)961-7899/(570)241-2022.

      501 Vine Street, Office G07, Scranton, PA 18509  or

      540 Wyoming Avenue, Office 107, Scranton, PA 18509 


Criminal Process

Reports can be made to:

  • Public Safety (570)961-7899/(570)241-2022  501 Vine Street, Office G07, Scranton, PA 18509  or  540 Wyoming Avenue, Office 107, Scranton, PA 18509                              
  • Police at 911

The criminal process will include the initiation of the institutional process.


For College Employees

Complaints of sexual harassment and sexual misconduct made by any faculty, staff, and administrator should be immediately reported to the Lackawanna College AVP of Human Resources Renee Mundy (570)961-7861 501 Vine Street Suite 200 Scranton, PA 18509 or Online at




Lackawanna College will honor requests for confidentiality to the greatest extent possible. The college will take appropriate steps to respond to and investigate a sexual misconduct claim in accordance with the victim’s request for confidentiality. However, the college’s ability to resolve the complaint may be limited. In the event that the complainant requests the strictest confidentiality, they must contact one of the confidential resources provided below:

  • Women’s Resource Center
  • Victim’s Resource Center

Once Lackawanna College deems that the incident poses an immediate threat to the campus community, it may not be able to adhere to the complainant’s request for confidentiality. Lackawanna College has a responsibility to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all students and staff. The college will notify the complainant in the event that it cannot ensure their confidentiality.

In the event that Lackawanna College is hindered from pursuing disciplinary action against the alleged perpetrator because of the victim’s request for confidentiality, it will take necessary steps to limit the effects of the harassment and prevent its recurrence.