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What is Spiritual Wellness?

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There are many different ideas of what spiritual wellness entails. This can be because spirituality is a personally defined entity in one's life.  Generally speaking Spiritual Wellness encompasses the search for meaning and purpose in human existence.  This search often leads one towards striving for a state of inner harmony and interconnectedness with each other and the rest of  the world. 

The Student Wellness Program will assist you on your path to Spiritual Wellness through educational events, presentations, opportunities to connect with your college and the surrounding community and by providing informational resources for self enhancement and enlightenment.



Mindfulness involves focusing on one thing in the moment. In mindfulness meditation, that one thing is the breath--noticing each inhalation, each exhalation, how it feels, what it does. But mindfulness also works well throughout the day--you can mindfully walk, eat, or wash the dishes.  (See Jon Kabat-Zinn's Wherever You Go, There You Are for more on mindfulness practice.)

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Online Resources


Click on the links below to see how you can build a more extraordinary life, establish deeper relationships with yourself and others.  It's time to rewrite your story or create the next chapter.

 Make a difference in someone's life today.  Try one of theses Random Acts of Kindness ideas!

A meditation on being grateful for every day!