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Student Wellness Program Referral Procedure


Lackawanna College Student Wellness Program Referral Procedure

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Student Wellness begins with all of us as a community looking out for our students. Please note that a SWP referral form can be submitted by ANYONE in the campus community for a student in need of help and extra support. This is the first step towards getting the student the support and assistance needed to help them succeed at Lackawanna College.

SWP provides free and confidential assessment, support and referral services to all students at Lackawanna College. The SWP referral is available on the Student Wellness Program Portal Page and paper copies are available in Student Affairs.

As a referral source please note that SWP may not be able to communicate with you regarding the outcome of the assessment due to confidentiality.

Students who have been referred for SWP services will be contacted by the SWP within 3 days of the received referral to schedule an appointment. If there is immediacy for the student to be seen sooner please seek out the SWP staff in person or by phone. The SWP will initiate a crisis consultation in accordance with Lackawanna College’s Emergency Psychological Crisis Response Policy.

Within a supportive atmosphere, the SWP appointment will begin the process of assessing the student’s concerns, issues and current needs that may be interfering with his/her emotional well-being, personal life, interpersonal relationships, academic success etc.

Recommendations for continued SWP appointments, and/or referrals to community based resources may result from the SWP assessment process.


Public Safety should be contacted immediately if safety issues are present including a student threatening to harm him or herself or another.

(570) 961-7899 or (570) 241-2022