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Helpful Resources

Lackawanna College Resources Hide
Alcohol and Drug Prevention Resources (Viewed: 373 times)
Scranton Primary Health Care Center (Viewed: 34 times)
County Resources Hide
Bradford-Sullivan Emergency Services (Viewed: 235 times)
Bradford-Sullivan MH/MR (Viewed: 256 times)
Carbon- Monroe Pike County (Viewed: 271 times)
Carbon Monroe Pike Drug & Alcohol Commission (Viewed: 437 times)
Lackawanna- Susquehanna Emergency Services (Viewed: 242 times)
Luzerne Wyoming Emergency Services (Viewed: 222 times)
Susquehanna County Drug (Viewed: 229 times)
Wyoming County Alcohol & Drug Services (Viewed: 396 times)
Wayne County Drug & Alcohol Commission (Viewed: 301 times)
Community Resources Hide


JFS (Viewed: 223 times)

Integrative Counseling (Viewed: 27 times)


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DATS (Viewed: 202 times)
Scranton Counseling center (Viewed: 160 times)

Northwestern Human Services (Viewed: 438 times)

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TPals (Viewed: 156 times)
Alcohol Anonymous (Viewed: 330 times)


AA 1-800-640-7545

Narcotics Anonymous (Viewed: 244 times)

 Greater Scranton Steamtown Area of Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) 1-800-503-9456

Web Resources Hide
Wellness Apps (Viewed: 130 times)


Guidestar (Viewed: 296 times)


Student Health & Wellness guide (Viewed: 510 times)
Self-Injury (Viewed: 230 times)
National Center for responsible Gaming (Viewed: 292 times)

NCRG: National Center for Responsible Gaming

Ulifeline (Viewed: 164 times)

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Online Resource for College Mental Health

Start your (Viewed: 119 times)

Project Know (Viewed: 97 times)

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