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MYTH: Marijuana is harmless

FACT: Using marijuana has been associated with memory loss, anxiety, and trouble concentrating.  

College students report that marijuana use is often related to missing class, being late for class, and a decrease in academic achievement.

MYTH: Marijuana is not addictive

FACT: Recent research suggests that marijuana use can lead to a physical dependence, which may result in a person experiencing withdrawal symptoms (e.g. anxiety, sleep disturbances, and irritability) when they don't use the drug for a period of time. 

Further, a person may develop a social dependence on using marijuana, and continue to use it despite negative reactions. 

MYTH: Driving high is safer than driving drunk   

FACT: Marijuana affects alertness, concentration, perception, coordination, and reaction time, which are all essential skills for safe driving.  

MYTH: It's not a big deal if I get caught with Marijuana 

FACT: Marijuana is still a Schedule I narcotic, as such it is illegal with no federally recognized medical uses.  Possession of marijuana is a punishable offense.

MYTH: Smoking Marijuana isn't as bad as it is to smoke tobacco cigarettes

FACT: Smoking marijuana is linked to respiratory difficulties just as smoking tobacco is.  Reports have stated that smoking 1marijuana joint is equal to smoking 16 tobacco cigarettes.  Marijuana smoke contains roughly 50-70% more cancer-causing chemicals than the levels found in tobacco smoke.

 (North Dakota State University, 2013)