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AOD Abuse Prevention Program
Lackawanna Cares Pamphlet (.pdf, 764K)
2017-2018 AOD Prevention Program (.pdf, 273K)
2017-2018 AOD Policy (.pdf, 169K)
Legal Consequences
DUI and PA Vehicale Code Safety Information Document icon (.pdf, 350K)
DUI Arrests (.pdf, 666K)
DUI Grading & Sentencing (.pdf, 2970K)
Your Degree Doesn't Matter (.pdf, 210K)
Medical Amnesty (.pdf, 113K)
Under 21 and Try to Buy Alcohol (.pdf, 127K)
Under 21- Zero Tolerance (.pdf, 967K)
Alcohol Abuse Prevention Education
Binge Drinking (.pdf, 689K)
Alcohol Poisoning (.pdf, 57K)
Alcohol Screening (.pdf, 170K)
Alcohol Impaitment Chart (.pdf, 445K)
Over 21? Rethink Drinking (.pdf, 530K)
Family History of Alcoholism (.pdf, 3850K)
Alcohol's Impact on Your Health (.pdf, 1697K)
Overdose Fact Sheet (.pdf, 762K)
Alcohol Dependence (.pdf, 378K)
Alcohol Facts & Stats (.pdf, 527K)
Alcohol Related Traffic Fatalities (.pdf, 315K)
College Drinking Facts (.pdf, 7180K)
Alcohol in the Hispanic community (.pdf, 614K)
Alcohol & Women (.pdf, 542K)
Underage Drinking (.pdf, 722K)
Other Drugs~ Prevention Education Information

10 Things Your Friends May Not Know About Drugs (.pdf, 1344K)
The Science of Addiction (.pdf, 4722K)
The Science of Marijuana (.pdf, 533K)
Marijuana Facts (.pdf, 2983K)
77 Ways to Say No to Marijuana (.pdf, 264K)
Synthetic Marijuana (.pdf, 260K)
MDMA (.pdf, 848K)
Know the Facts about Steroids (.pdf, 437K)
2013 National Drug Threat Assessment Summary (.pdf, 1888K)
Get the Facts~ Prescription Drug Abuse and College Students (.pdf, 628K)
2017-2018 AOD Prevention Program (.pdf, 273K)
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