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Your semester has just begun; are you already worried
about your 1st exam?  The handouts below will assist you
with initial test preparation, reducing anxiety and tips
for all types of exams.
  • Usually there are more true answers than false on most tests.
  • Show up to class early so you won't have to worry about being late.
  • Do the problems with the greatest point values first.

And many more..................

Test Preparation Tips (.doc, 363K)
This handout will assist you long before your test is scheduled.
Reducing Test Taking Anxiety (.doc, 42K)
Are you extremely worried about doing well on tests then this flyer is for you.
Test Taking Tips (.doc, 39K)

The day of your test has arrived; how do you prepare!

Essay Test Tips (.doc, 31K)

Tips for taking essay exams.

Multiple Choice Test Taking Tips (.doc, 29K)

Tips on answering multiple choice questions!

True/False Test Tips (.doc, 66K)

Need help deciding if an answer is true or false, then click on this handout!

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