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Retention Coordinator
Lackawanna College recognizes that students drop out of school for many reasons but that often withdrawal is unnecessary if the proper support and/or assistance are available. The Retention Coordinator has the responsibility of providing services designed to address this situation and to insure completion of educational programs of study.  The Coordinator meets with faculty on a regular basis to identify performance or absentee problems and will stay in regular contact with students in jeopardy.
Academic Success Coach
Academic Success Coaching is a strategic partnership between a coach and a student for the purpose of fostering success skills in an educational environment. A coach individualizes their approach with every student by engaging in the processes of reflection, goal setting, and planning.
A student is encouraged to make an appointment with the Academic Success Coach for issues such as: 
  • Making a smooth transition from high school to college
  • Study Skills
  • Note – Taking Strategies
  • Test Taking Tips
  • Managing time effectively
  • Learning Strategies
  • Academic Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Academic Organization
  • Utilize College Resources
  • Study Environment Tips
  • Reading Academic Texts
  • Financial Awareness

Contact Information

Retention Coordinator:                                            Academic Success Coach:
Denise Duda                                                                Rebecca Cerra
Angeli Hall, Suite 105H                                                 Angeli Hall, Suite 105G
570-961-7885                                                              570-961-6111