ACT 235 - Lethal Weapons Training

The state of Pennsylvania requires that any person wishing to become a certified security officer or is privately employed and required, as a condition of employment, to carry a lethal weapon must participate in a 40 hour Lethal Weapons Training Program.
Lackawanna College offers Basic Lethal Weapons Training classes as well as 8 hour re-certification classes. For an application or to verify dates of classes please call (570-961-7842) or email us at

Lethal Weapons Training Fees

Please email for more information. 

 Basic Certification with Firearms         (40 hours)   $325.00
 Basic Certification without Firearms    (26 hours)   $225.00
 Re-Certification with Firearms            (8 hours)     $200.00
 Re-Certification without Firearms       (3) hours)    $175.00



Please visit the MPOETC website to follow steps for obtaining your Letter of Eligibility. Be advised this letter takes 3-4 weeks to receive and will be delivered to you via email.


Link to obtain Letter of Eligibility



Apply for (ACT 235) Lethal Weapons Training

Anyone interested in applying for the Lackawanna College ACT 235 Program must submit a completed application, deposit and a copy of your Lethal Weapons Certification letter verifying your eligibility to enroll into the program.
You may contact the Lethal Weapons Unit at 717-346-4087 or email them at for instructions on obtaining this letter.

Applying for a Lethal Weapons Certification Letter

Applicants applying for the (ACT) 235 Lethal Weapons Training must first submit an application to the MPOETC which may be obtained from the Lethal Weapons Training website at