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RN to BSN Nursing Student Handbook

The 2020-2021 RN to BSN Nursing Student handbook is available for you to review.  It is important that you are VERY familiar with the content.  If you have any questions regarding the content. please contact sebastianellit@lackawanna.edu

(.docx, 673K)

LC Student Handbook

You are responsible for reviewing the LC Student Handbook for 2019-2020

NUR 401 Capstone Experience

Print out all the documents associated with NUR 401 for Spring 2020.


Please complete this document and submit to sebastianellit@lackawanna.edu  prior to doing any practicum hours


(.pdf, 69K)

ONLY for RN Nursing Students taking NUR 401 

Please copy and review this document.  I have downloaded copies of certain documents in this document.  Please review this document and print out all copies associated with Capstone Experience 

(.pdf, 211K)

Document to be given to Preceptor prior to Orientation Packet and Practicum Guidelines.  Once completed, submit document to   sebastianellit@lackawanna.edu

(.pdf, 57K)

After the Preceptor reviews the Orientation Packet and Practicum Guidelines, please have the Preceptor complete the checklist and submit to  sebastianellit@lackawanna.edu

(.pdf, 56K)

All RN nursing students must complete this form and submit for NUR 401 prior to receiving grade.  You must complete 45 hours of practicum.

(.pdf, 40K)

For the Preceptor to complete at the end of your practicum hours.  Must be submitted to  sebastianellit@lackawanna.edu


(.pdf, 67K)

This is completed by the RN nursing student at the end of the practicum.  Once completed, submit to  sebastianellit@lackawanna.edu


(.pdf, 62K)

Both the Preceptor and the RN nursing student need to complete this form and submit at the end of the practicum to sebastianellit@lackawanna.edu  


(.pdf, 61K)

Every student doing NUR 401 Capstone Experience, must complete this form and submit to  sebastianellit@lackawanna.edu

(.pdf, 75K)

S-L Forms

Important Policy!

Every RN nursing student taking a nursing course starting in Spring 2020, will be required to complete 5 hours of service-learning for each semester.  Opportunities can include any volunteer effort that you receive no financial compensation but supports your professional practice. When in doubt, contact  sebastianellit@lackawanna.edu

(.pdf, 46K)