Enable Temporary Accounts

You can set up EX FormFlow to allow people to create a temporary account based on their email address and a password of their choice. The temporary account will let them save and return to partially completed forms, and view previously submitted ones. This will typically be guest users that do not have a campus portal account.


This temporary account can only be used for EX FormFlow. It does not let the user access any of the other features in your campus portal.

The password uses the same validation configuration used for your JICS passwords, but is not a user's JICS password. Password validations are defined in JICS Site Manager > Framework Settings > Security.


Sample Login Page

Sample Login Setup

Enabling Temporary Accounts

1.         Log in as the JICS administrator.

2.         Navigate to the EX FormFlow - Forms feature.

3.         Click the Settings link.

The Settings page for the feature appears.

4.         From the Access type drop-down option, select External Signup.

5.         In the Instructions field, update or enter information you want show form users. This might be a brief overview of the feature or instructions on how to set up or log in with their temporary account. Example

6.         Click the Save changes button.

The page with your EX FormFlow - Forms feature reappears and users will have the option to create a temporary account.