Financial Aid Checklist ~ To Do List

Make sure you complete the steps listed on our Enrollment Checklist....a great starting guide to get you ready for your admission to Lackawanna College as well as completing your Financial Aid.
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Lackawanna College makes every effort to provide financial assistance to all eligible students.
The Financial Aid Program operates in harmony with the principles of student financial aid administration. The primary goal is to help meet the financial needs of students to enable them to secure a college education, while realizing that the students and parents have the primary responsibility to provide a reasonable amount of financial assistance toward a student’s college expenses. Financial aid is regarded as a supplement to students’ and parents’ resources.

To apply for all federal, state, and campus-based financial aid programs and/or student loans, a student must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).When this information is processed, financial aid award packages are developed after first determining the expected family contribution (EFC). The types of aid awarded will vary with the individual student’s needs and may consist of a combination of grant, loan, work-study and scholarship assistance.




2021-2022 Academic Year  
Flat Fee (12-18 credits) $7,650 per semester
Full-time (19+ credits) $535 per credit
Part-time (1-11 credits) $535 per credit
Enrollment Fees  
 Application Fee (Non-Degree Seeking Only) $35
Commuter commitment fee $100
Resident commitment fee $375
Room and Board  
Resident Housing $3,450 per semester
Meal Plan(s) $1,850 or $2,000 per semester
Additional Fees  
Activity fee (Scranton only) $110 per semester
Activity fee (Lake Region, Sunbury, Tunkhannock only) $75 per semester
Technology fee (all campuses) $305 per semester, 5 credits or more; $50, less than 5 credits
Lab fee (3-credit course) $100 (part-time / 19+ credit students)
Lab fee (1-credit course) $35 (part-time / 19+ credit students)
Communications fee $100 per course
Hospitality majors $175 per semester
Culinary majors $300 per semester

Physical / Occupational Therapist Assistant majors

$175 per semester
School of Petroleum & Natural Gas students $175 per course
Sonography (Cardiac, Diagnostic, or Vascular) majors $175 per semester
Surgical Technology majors $175 per semester
Graduation fee (one-time) $150

Nursing Lab Fee (Full Time)

Nursing Lab Fee (Part Time)

$700 per semester

$50 per credit

Special Fees  
Transcript request fee $10
Change of grade/incomplete fee $20
Late submission graduation fee $150
Life experience processing fee $35
Stop payment fee $50
Return check fee $25
Estimated Fees  
Books and Supplies Estimated Cost $1,500
Personal Estimated Cost $3,000


Federal Verification Forms

The Financial Aid Office will verify the accuracy of all applications of students selected by the Department of Education or by the Financial Aid Office at Lackawanna College. Federal aid cannot be finalized until all required documentation is received and eligibility is determined.  Students selected for verification will be sent an email by the Financial Aid Office with their Personal URL (PURL) link.  The student will click the link, verify their identity and create an account.

Please see the two documents attached on how to complete the process.

Miscellaneous Forms


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