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COL 201, or Capstone, is a one credit class taken in the final semester of a Lackawanna College student’s experience. This course ties together key learning objectives, help's students create their graduation portfolio, assists in resume, cover letter, and graduation application preparation, and prepares the student for the next phase of their education or career choice.

The course runs for seven weeks and is a hybrid of classroom and portal work. There are a variety of components to this class, one of which is a mandatory five hours of community service. The list of local charities/agencies are found under the "Volunteering Opportunities" link to the left.  Once a student has chosen their location, review it with their instructor, record their hours, and get the proper signatures.  All hours must be submitted on the Portal time sheet. 

The importance of the Capstone course’s Community Service requirement is to connect students with their local community in a philanthropic manner. Working outside the walls of the college can help a student to recognize the importance of how their contributions of time and effort that can make a huge difference in a community. For resident students this experience can help them become more familiar with their home away from home. For commuter students this experience can provide an opportunity to be involved in local efforts not previously explored. Capstone CS hours must take place within the timeframe they are enrolled in their Capstone course.

The Capstone Community Service also provides local agencies and community members the opportunity to become familiar with the quality students of Lackawanna College.

Community Service is defined as a service performed for the benefit of the public or its institutions.

Students are limited to the volunteer opportunities listed on the Volunteer Opportunities link, which are pre-approved by the Student Life Coordinator. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. 

Volunteer hours do not include the following:        

* Hours spent at a student's place of business

* Hours spent at a for-profit or private business

* Hours spent helping an instructor of in a classroom setting or with class

* Hours spent with activities that benefit college clubs or student organizations

* Hours spent within an internship, externship, or job shadowing

* Spending money or donating money

* Donating personal items

* Working College events

* Working on maintenance for the College

* Community Service hours that have been assigned due to a college infringement

* Any service for which a student is paid



Follow this link to enter your hours online.

*This is mandatory for all Capstone students to complete*

Only enter hours you are submitting for Capstone requirements.