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IR Mission & Vision Statements


The mission of the Institutional Research Office at Lackawanna College is to collect, analyze, warehouse, and disseminate data about Lackawanna College.  In addition to consistency and accuracy for all reporting – internal and external – the Institutional Research Office pledges to maintain and provide sustainable measurements for the outcomes assessment models essential for informed College decision making. 


The vision of the Institutional Research Office of Lackawanna College is to become the centralized data warehouse on a College-wide scale.  The ongoing development of standard reporting policy will help to insure accuracy and consistency in reporting, as well as provide the foundations for future comparison reporting and enhanced assessment capability.  Within five years, the Institutional Research Office will:

  • Develop an online Institutional Research support request (similar to those of MIT/CIS)
  • Develop table for level of access
  • Implement more user-friendly assessment measures and survey administration
  • Review and maintain an up-to-date report database
  • Establish and maintain a spring (March 15) information freeze for more accurate demographic comparison
  • Complete and electronically publish the Common Data Set (a common set of standard data items based on the collaborative effort of data providers in higher education guided by the department of Education and other governing entities)
  • Implement a web-based annual fact-book
  • Promote a culture of assessment involving faculty, staff, and administrators at all levels to create an environment of continual evolution, growth, and improvement