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Institutional Research FALCONS

Facilitating a healthy data environment allows the Institutional Research Office to collect, analyze, warehouse, and disseminate many levels of data about Lackawanna College.
Accuracy and consistency are maintained in all reporting (official, unofficial, internal, and external) through careful planning, analysis, and assessment.
Logistics maintenance and continual data collection allows the Institutional Research Office to provide consistent, detailed, and up-to-date information, as well as the needed research and support for College decision-makers.
Collaboration and cooperation throughout the College and among departments, staff, faculty, and the community allows the Institutional Research Office to be the authoritative source for all data-driven reporting institution-wide.
Organization and institutional specific information is readily available to staff, students, and the public through the College’s website, and information that is more comprehensive or in depth is available as requested to insure both mandated disclosures and privacy.
Nurturing an environment of institutional effectiveness and supporting organizational sustainability are the foundation and heart of the Institutional Research Office.
Statistics, research, data collection and analysis, outcomes, assessment, and reporting combined with attention to detail, accuracy and consistency make the Institutional Research Office an authoritative resource for College data and information.