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What You Should Do During The Meeting? There are 3 replies:
What You Should Do During The Meeting? Original post: Mon 7/13/2020 at 9:40 AM

When you are attending an online business meeting, there are some points you should keep in mind. These points are discussed below:

  • You should introduce yourself when you join the meeting. You should tell your name to the other participants so that they can easily reach you by your name.
  • When you are not speaking during the call, you should mute your mic until you want to speak. You should off the camera if there are large number of participants.
  • Sometimes there are many distractions like background noise, messy background, slow internet connection, or any other issue. You can avoid these distractions by muting your microphone or by switching off the camera.
  • You can hide your messy background by using virtual background that is provided by video calling software.
  • You should pay proper attention to the participant who is speaking. If any participant is dominating the discussion, you should make space for other people to join the meeting.
  • You should be aware to set a rational expectation of privacy at the start of the video calling because it is very easy to take screenshot, recording or take photos of the call. but if anyone wants to record or take a screenshot during the call, you should ask every participant to take permission. You should only share these screenshots, photos or recordings on the social media after permission.
  • You should know the chat functionality like Zoom provide raise hand functionality, switching off the camera, etc. you can raise hand on camera if you want to speak. You should follow these rules and never speak other than the other participant. Every participant will get an equal chance to contribute and help in reduce interruptions.
  • You should use a professional background to look professional during the meeting.
  • If you are speaking or present yourself through slides, you should make sure to describe all the slides in detail to those who have any visual problem, poor internet connection, or not able to see your video. Your slides should contain all matter what you are going to explain.
  • You may use the logo of your company in the background or any virtual office background to make your meeting more effective.
  • The online meeting is always slower than the in-person meeting. You need to speak clearly and slowly which helps the other participants to understand what you are saying and help the meeting to go smoothly.
  • The video conferencing software called Zoom provides you a feature of Zoom virtual meeting that may enhance the quality of your video calling.
  • You should share the screen or type the audio into the chat function, if the audio or video of any participant crashes during the call.
  • You may understand the difficult situation of any participant if there may be any distractions during the meeting. You should understand that there is a life beyond this video conferencing call.
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Re: What You Should Do During The Meeting? Posted: Sat 8/1/2020 at 1:29 AM, in reply to guest guest

What software, applications do you use for online meetings?

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Re: What You Should Do During The Meeting? Posted: Sat 8/1/2020 at 5:13 AM, in reply to guest guest

Quite wise tips, to my mind. Everyone should read this article and try to keep these rules. Guys, I have some troubles with a connection at my office. I mean, that important calls sometimes are missing in nowhere and I can't answer. Should I use any software for solving this issue? I have found this one and I want to see some responses about it.

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