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Adventures of Dirt Bike Boy Original post: Tue 11/19/2019 at 11:40 AM

The last couple weeks have been very uneventful with Dirt Bike Boy. After thinking about his behavior, I decided to make some changes to our life.  The most noticeable change is, I began to pick him up from school every day.  I decided the after school shuttle service was not needed.  The first day was a shock to him.  He asked me, “is something wrong?”  I had to laugh and told him I wanted to walk him home from school.  I could tell this made him wonder if he was in trouble.  To help him relax we began to talk about his day.  What did you eat for lunch?  What books did you read?  What games did you play at recess?  The 5 minute walk to mom’s house went by quick.

By the 3rd day, he’s happy to see me after school.  I don’t have to ask him how is day was any more.  He just talks endlessly.  He tells me about his friends.  He talks about what’s for lunch.  He told me who didn’t get any stars on their folder today.  Sometimes he even gives me more details that I want. haha  The challenge happened when I found out from his folder that the school requested he get tutored.  What?  Dirt Bike Boy needs a tutor?  For what?  To enhance his computer skills?  Immediately mom, signs the permission form that will allow him access for after school tutoring.  Not me. Loveawake Loveawake review

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