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Reflective Essay Original post: Wed 10/23/2019 at 4:36 PM

Reflective Essay

A reflective essay is a type of an essay in which the author describes events or experiences in life and analyses the meaning of those experiences to learn from them. The author analyses the past event from the present. The author explores how he or she has changed, developed, or grown from past experiences. Reflective writing helps in writing about yourselves, who you are, and the changes in your life. The essay includes a vivid summary and description of the experiences so that the reader feels like they have also experienced it. A reflective essay's purpose is to reveal the writer's thoughts, emotions, and feelings on an issue.

Further on, reflective essays do not necessarily adhere to the guidelines for controlling the use of language in academic writing. For instance, such papers use personal pronouns because it is in the first-person perspective. Writers of the essay establish that the remarks in work belong to them. In this case, the writer addresses the audience using personal pronouns, such as I, we, you and they. The content of the essay is from the author’s point of view. However, the author of the piece is required to back claims made in the paper by referring to reputable sources of information. Reflective articles may use informal language apart from slang and contractions. The essay uses personal pronouns to promote the presence of the author in the text of the paper.

Moreover, reflective essays are academic papers, but unlike other academic writings, this type of work does not rely heavily on scholarly sources. Reflective writing contains a few in-text citations in comparison to other academic works. Most other types of academic papers require objectivity and arguments supported by research. However, in this case, reliance on scholarly materials to develop arguments is not required. In turn, authors may provide citations if they refer to a specific event in a text. The limited use of scholarly citations ensures that the essay provides a subjective opinion.

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Super cool information!

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