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Myanmar dies almost 50 in one day. There are 0 replies:
Myanmar dies almost 50 in one day. Original post: Mon 10/12/2020 at 5:38 AM


Ministry of Health and Sports Yesterday reported that There are new cases of COVID-19 infection.1,910 people brought the cumulative total to 27,974, with the single-day number of infected, down from the 2,158 who hit the record on Saturday. In addition, there were 48 new deaths, bringing the cumulative total to 646, a sharp increase of 600 from Sept. 4, with six slotxo cumulative deaths.


While the textile factory Establishment And SME business in Yangon Closed during the enforcement of stay-home measures It is authorized to start operations at some sites today, covering only businesses with the highest levels of disease control and prevention measures. Originally, the Ministry of Public Health announced measures to stay at home and shut down all factories in Yangon on Sept. 22, with effect until Oct. 8, before extending until Oct. 21, but relief. Recently, aimed at mitigating the impact on businesses and labor Yangon currently has the highest number of cases, with nearly 20,000, followed by nearly 2,000 in Rakhine State and 700 in Bagok region.


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