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What Does It Take to Be a Good Parent There are 3 replies:
What Does It Take to Be a Good Parent Original post: Thu 11/7/2019 at 9:17 AM

Every parent wishes to be best for his or her child and tries to be thoughtful when it comes to raising a representative of a new generation. Unfortunately, not all parents do their best in raising and educating children or they simply do not want to put any special efforts. In addition, some parents have their own views on how children must be taught to live and behave. Such subjective points of view imply the idea that since they gave birth to a child, they can do with him or her everything they want. Such a point of view involves unacceptable behavior like beating or humiliating their children. Therefore, in order to be a good parent for own children, every person must follow simple ethical principles and have knowledge of childhood psychology and development.

Being a good parent requires hard efforts and patience, however, if a person wishes to be exactly such kind of parent, he or she must consider such aspects as understanding, respect, confidence, trust, etc. In fact, a good parent is also a role model for a child, even though it is always rather hard to reach this goal due to differences in age and world perception. The first important feature of a good parent is understanding which implies the idea of understanding the nature of a child’s bad behavior. This feature helps parents to avoid or exclude completely such feelings as anger in the process of raising the child. Anger management must be an inevitable feature of a good parent because once a child feels anger or negative behavior from the parent, he or she will always remember it. A good parent never resorts to violence in raising children because every act of violence causes negative consequences in the present or the future. In addition, due to the rebellious nature of the vast majority of children, parental violence may provoke even worse behavior and attitude.

Another important feature of a good parent is respect. Every child is a personality on its final stage of development, and everything a child observes in parent behavior affects his/her present and future attitudes. Thus, a good parent must treat every child with respect in order to cultivate the respectfulness in a new generation’s representative. Every child should have some privacy and good parents must show that they respect it. However, respect should always go with justified parental firmness not to make the child too naughty. In addition, a good parent must show trust in the child and allow him or her to make own decisions. Good parents should not show constantly that they know better what must be done in every case, but they should allow children to learn this world by making their own mistakes and just giving good pieces of advice.

Moreover, a good parent must be objective and subjective at the same time. All children must be sure that if they are treated unfairly by someone, their parents will believe and protect them. However, good parents must also be able to provide proper punishment for their children in a non-violent way, and children must be explained for what exactly they are punished, and why their behavior is unacceptable in order to show possible negative consequences in the future. In addition, a good parent must be confident in his or her actions and decisions as well as be a leader for a child, so that he or she would want to act according to the same behavioral pattern.

Taking into account everything mentioned above, it should be highlighted that a good parent is an individual who thinks over every action or decision towards his or her child. In order to raise kind, smart, and thoughtful children who will love their parents, both mothers and fathers should take into account special children’s developmental features and arrange the raising process in accordance with the abovementioned psychological and behavioral aspects. Thus, every child must be treated with respect and trust, given the right for privacy and personal opinion but at the same time raised with some part of firmness and a big part of love.

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Re: What Does It Take to Be a Good Parent Posted: Fri 1/24/2020 at 3:13 AM, in reply to guest guest

A good parent should be a good role model for their children. The children always study new things from their parents. So it is necessary to be good in front of your kids. A parent should also be like a good friend too. Hostsailor 

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Re: What Does It Take to Be a Good Parent Posted: Tue 2/4/2020 at 5:50 AM, in reply to guest guest

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Re: What Does It Take to Be a Good Parent Posted: Sat 6/20/2020 at 9:34 AM, in reply to guest guest

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