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Russia's desk cleared! Armenia-Azerbaijan "Divorce" after a long debate 10 There are 0 replies:
Russia's desk cleared! Armenia-Azerbaijan "Divorce" after a long debate 10 Original post: Sun 10/11/2020 at 10:46 PM


Al Jazeera reported delightful news when Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Announced 10 hours after negotiations with Azer Khayramov, Minister of Foreign Affairs Jayhun Beyramov, and Zohrab M Natskanian. Armenia's Minister of Foreign Affairs in Moscow, Russia, said two former Soviet Union representatives had reached a temporary divorce agreement.


It will take effect from 12:00 noon on Saturday, Oct. 10, local time. And will urgently continue to negotiate seriously in order to resolve the conflict arising from the takeover of the title Nagorno-Karabakh region or the Republic of Artsak In the Caucasus Which stretched for more than three decades before the opening of a new clash on 27 Sep ago.


As a result, at least 300 people died, including 31 Azerbaijani citizens and 22 Armenians, while more than 259 injured and more than 70,000 evacuated. dead


The Russian government had previously been a mediator for negotiations and allowed the Armenian side to gain full control over the Pippt area. The ceasefire was slotxo announced in 1994 and, thanks to the agreement, the Nagorno-Karabak region belongs to Azerbaijan. But to rule by Armenian descent


Later, another peace deal of the OSCE Minsk was led by France, Russia and the United States. Held in Minsk Belarus in 1992, but to date no peace agreement has been reached or reached.


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