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5 New Tips for Class Management after Pandemic Original post: Wed 8/19/2020 at 12:39 PM

New Era of education after the pandemic requires new apprehensions for class management. Active supervision, positive energy, greeting the students, and seating optimization are important facts. These facts are a newly-made combination for Good and Effective Class Management.

  1. Greetings Have its Importance.

In the regular learning and schooling process, students require lesser attention and greeting. Because they already are part of the schooling system. They aren’t separated from it. But when the students are coming to schools after a long break, they need greeting. They need a good welcome.

They need attention. This greeting makes them feel special towards their educational institute. This greeting restores their memories toward their educational institute. When kids are coming back to school, greet them well. The best way is to greet the students at the door. Greet each student explicitly.

Greet each student with a warm gesture. Greet each student with a good handshake. Greet each student with a good smile. This is the symbol of school coming. You can even greet them in a unique way by costuming like a celeb with Eyeweb Safety Specs. This is a humorous greeting for the students, a bit different than the conventional greeting.

  1. Use Reminder & Cues.

In the casual and routine wise classes, there are some indicators. They work like the indicators of the green signal. People understand them because they have universal meaning. Similarly, these indicators, reminders, and cues have an understanding of the tiny universe called a classroom.

Students would definitively forget about these indicators and reminders during the long break. These indicators need to be restored. These indicators need to be reminded once again. These little cues need to be restored once again. These little cues and these little reminders are good for smoothly taking the students with their lessons.

These little reminders are a bringer of responsible class-like behavior in the class. Adopt new indicators if necessary. Adopt new reminders if necessary. Adopt new cues if necessary. 

  1. Classroom Seating Optimization.

When the kids have finally arrived in the class, greet them well. This greeting is a good start. The other good start towards a good greeting is the seating plan. What sort of seating plan are you considering after the reopening? Most importantly, what sort of seating plan students need after the reopening of schools? Choose a good seating plan for the class.

A good seating plan is the greatest achievement for good class management. You can choose the seating plan based on the strengths of the class. Here are some very effective seating plans for a class.

  • Pairs

  • Grid

  • Presentation

  • Conference Small Classroom

  • Herringbone

  • Computer Combination

  • Butterfly

  • Horseshoes

  • Banquet

  • Large Groups

These seating plans are good. All of these seating plans are good for a great welcoming class. You can make minor changes into the seating plan based on room and placed stuff. You can improvise the situation for the best-suited seating plan.

  1. Behavior-Specific Praise.

Praise is a powerful instinct to bring positive results. If praise can uplift the standards of a wearable brand and Safety Eyewear Program, think what it can do to a kid’s mind? It can do great things indeed.

Praise the students over their baby accomplishments. Praise the students over their baby steps. Praise should be behavior-oriented. Giving good marks is a good indicator of praise for the student. But behavior-oriented praise is more effective. Behavior-oriented praise has good energy. Behavior-oriented praise has more positive energy for students to absorb.

  1. Active Supervision.

When the class is momentum, passive supervision can bring the results too. What if the students are coming after a months-long break? Would passive supervision be enough? Not a chance. Be a proactive supervisor for the class. Adopt very active supervision for the class. Active supervision can give focus to the students. Active supervision can give positive energy to students.

  • Engage and Redirect

  • Anticipate Behavior

  • Listen

  • Scan and Count

  • Position Educators

  • Set up the Environment 

Follow these steps of good and active supervision to maintain the decorum of the class. These steps are inevitable for Good & Effective Class Management.

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