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All about of another side of arab life Original post: Sun 11/17/2019 at 9:52 PM

All about of another side of arab life

This post will be in the best traditions of "scandals, intrigues, investigations" from which you will learn about everything that is hidden. So, the phenomena in the United Arab Emirates about which local people hardly speak out loud. Even for Arab men, the topic of sex is closed. Also possible to see arab sex on muslim sex tube. Only a few local Arabs speak out loud about sex with strangers, and even then if they drink. But, the information that crawls to the surface reads as follows: Arab women from the tips of the heels to the ends of the hair in bed a complete log. Only a man can take the initiative in relation to his wife (now it is not about sex with prostitutes, but specifically about family sex with Arab women). The man lays down in bed and says to the woman: raise your legs, spread apart and so on. The role that is assigned to a woman is simply to lie.


Partly, due to the arboreal nature of Arab women, prostitution flourishes in the Emirates. There are clubs where they come solely in order to rent a woman. All prostitutes, of course, are not local. The cheapest prostitutes from Africa and China - a night with such costs up to 300 dollars. The most expensive prostitutes from Russia and Ukraine - a night with a Slav will cost $ 550. In order to escape from being exposed by the police, prostitutes came up with an interesting way to disguise themselves while catching customers on the street - they walk in abaya and burqa in anticipation of a client. Under it, it is not visible that the girl is not an Arab, and the police check the Arab women only in the most extreme case, if she has committed a serious offense, for example, an accident with a downed person.


In the Emirates, homosexuality is highly developed among Arabs. The reason is still the same: the inability to get acquainted with a compatriot (parents must introduce them - an attempt to get to know oneself can end in prison), the total number of women is much lower than the number of men and so on.

Nights with prostitutes are unsafe, if they are constantly expensive, and not everyone likes one-time sex with a woman who does not love you. Another thing, a constant, strong and loving each other same-sex couple. Of course, officially in the Emirates they do not even talk about homosexuality. The boldest of them calmly walk along the street in a couple, holding hands. This is the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, only those of them who have nothing to fear and lose. But if you walk around the center of Dubai, then the chances of seeing even this top - walking together and holding the hand of Arabs in white robes will be extremely high. It is they, the very ones, that are.

Female circumcision

On this subject, too, do not like to talk. Officially, he is not. Of course, this is not the case in large cities, in rich families, in well-known surnames. But, as they say, "somewhere high in the mountains and not in our area" this still has a place to be. It should be noted that female circumcision is not a match for male circumcision. This is an extremely painful procedure with high mortality, during which not a piece of skin is cut off, as in men, but, without exaggerating, pieces of meat: the labia and clitoris are cut off. It is cut off all to the living. The ultimate goal is still the same: so that a woman could not get pleasure - sex for her turns into a purely technical moment. The only hope is that in our time this is much less common.

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