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Honey test features. Original post: Sat 9/12/2020 at 4:56 AM
  1. It is controlled by single chip microcomputer, and has the functions of measuring, setting, record saving and data statistics and processing. It is equipped with RS-232USB interface, PC communication, online help and other functions.
  2. The reagent kit develops color, and the amount of samples and reagents is small, which prevents and reduces secondary pollution.
  3. Large-screen LCD Chinese display, man-machine interactive operation, small size, light weight and convenient operation.
  4. It can quantitatively detect the content of sucrose, fructose and glucose, moisture, acidity, hydroxymethyl furfural and amylase activity in honey.

The honey test kit provided by BALLYA can solve the beekeeper's worries. And honey detector is not only simple to operate, but also has a short detection time and high accuracy.If you are interested in this article, welcome to consult the Honey Test link.

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