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Trump campaigning for the first time - lean aseptic wants to kiss everyone There are 0 replies:
Trump campaigning for the first time - lean aseptic wants to kiss everyone Original post: Tue 10/13/2020 at 5:40 AM


President Trump threw a mask towards the crowd as soon as he took the stage at a Sanford airport speech. Florida state yesterday night. It was attended by thousands of supporters, many of whom were masked and spaced. He repeated his remarks several times that he was well. After notifying on Oct. 2 that he was infected with COVID-19. Florida is the main election ground that Trump needs to win for a second election on Nov. 3, and he is scheduled to continue his campaign to Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania, Iowa, North Carolina, and Wisconsin

Trump's campaign, which has large crowds, has raised concerns for many that Is Trump really well and not at the contagious stage? Although he was in detention for 10 days as advised by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since Saturday. While still do not know how to seduce the trip throughout the week And the long-term effects of COVID-19 How will this affect the health of a 74-year-old leader? But Trump insisted in front of supporters that "They said I was immune. I feel very strong. I'll walk among the crowd and kiss everyone. ”He also said he would not be confined to the basement.



While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have stressed that there is no evidence that COVID-19 patients are immune from infection only once. And warned to be careful not to understand that you are immune


Lieutenant Commander Sean Conley, US President Reveal the progress on the health of the president yesterday that Trump's coronavirus test has been negative for days. By using the new test series with quick results within 15 minutes but did not specify the date of the examination Before that, he released a memo over the weekend that said Trump followed the detention advice until maturity. And meet the standard that there is no risk of infection


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