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 A Variety of TV Shows to Check Out on Turkish TV Original post: Thu 12/24/2020 at 12:31 AM


Turkish television drama has developed dramatically over the past years. Dramas based on everyday life in Turkey have become hugely popular. Many of the shows are family oriented and focus on everyday life between the members of a family. They tell the story of the people as they interact with each other and the challenges that they face while striving to lead their lives. Most Turkish dramas are the country's best-known cultural and economic exports. قصة عشق

The most popular of these Turkish dramas are "Cabulus", "Icesip", and" Tekla", which loosely tells the story of a young woman named Culum Mert and her subsequent relationship with a man named Nusret Cetan. The show becomes extremely popular among the younger generation because Mert is played by female actor Emine Ozcan. Her character is one of the youngest ever recurring characters in Turkish television. She is a talented artist and a passionate lover of nature. Her father is an abusive landlord who pushes her toward a life of relative anonymity. She wants to get out of the situation but decides to marry a rich old man in order to fulfill her dreams.

In contrast to "Cabulus", the second season of "Turk TV" will be centered on the Bakrid region of Thrace. There, a new character named Bilat meets with a group of fisherman. He tries to broker peace between the Turkish government and the people residing in the Bakrid region after a dispute between the government and the outlawed Peaceful Independence Party (PIC) led by Selahattin el-Kurdi. The drama promises to be an exciting twist on the Turkish series.

One of the most recent Turkish series to become hugely popular is the soap opera "Keksavan". It tells the story of two lovers, Cicely and Arkan, who come from Bosporus, Istanbul. The relationship between the two blossoms only to be destroyed when Cicely falls for another woman. This soap has gained popularity since its inception in 2020. The most recent episodes have been viewed by residents of Turkey, as well as millions of people across the world. قصة عشق

"Tv Direnci" is another exciting Turkish series that became popular in the early 2020's. It is a ten-part drama based on the life of a famous Turkish writer. The series was highly controversial in Turkey and around the world, with the first episode receiving harsh criticism. It depicts the writer as a villain and is set in the courtroom in which he is tried for murder. The drama received high ratings but later on it was canceled after a few episodes due to low viewership.

The third popular comedy series that you can watch on Turkish TV is "Bayan Kayal", which is originally a Hindi comedy series. It is similar to "Tuvu Direnci" in the way that it chronicles the lives of six ordinary people who are thrown into a complicated situation that is partly because of their geographical location and partly due to their personalities. In this Turkish series, a British woman, holidaying in the Middle East, falls in love with a Turk from north Africa, while the Turkish agent they were hired to protect falls in love with the woman. قصة عشق

The last popular comedy series that you can find on Turkish television is "Elvizia". Like "Bayan Kayal", this Turkish series was canceled after a few episodes due to low viewership. In this Turkish show, a group of cousins go on vacation in an arid and inhospitable area. They become separated and must survive in this new environment. The show has received praise for its bold storytelling and unique format, which is similar to an American TV show 'sitcom'.

In addition to these successful Turkish television series, there are many more that you can find on Turkish public channel websites. In particular, there are many movies, dramas, documentaries, animated films, animation and news programs that you can find on Turkish public channel websites. If you love comedy, daytime television, or just about anything else that you tune into Turkish television for, you can probably find it on Turkish channels online.


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