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Final Fantasy 14astrologer career analysis Original post: Fri 9/25/2020 at 3:53 AM

As the official site issued a call for a new savage speed to brush the game, many old players who were panicking finally found the goal of returning to the pit and began to familiarize themselves with the plot again. In Final Fantasy XIV, there are few competitive competitions, but there are many photographers, and even some players will burn points to shoot in the streets of the main city. The gpose mode has become a way of playing ff14. Speaking of the most beautiful profession in the game, it is none other than an astrologer.

Astrologer is one of the three new positions, and has the reputation of relying on facial milk monsters. Although it is temporary that milk cannot keep up, beauty is a lifetime thing. The astrologer's nanny ability is extremely unstable, and it is a profession that looks at luck. If you get a copy, the unskilled astrologer can kill the whole team.

Astrologers are divided into the day school and the night school. In addition to the skills, the day comes with the buff for continuous recovery of physical strength. The night comes with a cover to absorb damage, that is, one more shield. Normally, the book is open during the day, but astrology milk generally likes to look at the mood and open the school, and the post bar is also popular to open the mode. It is most important to play the game.

The most unstable performance of the three milk positions, the name of the teammates wanting to quit when they see it is not covered. The control of hatred is not comparable to scholars, and the amount of milk is not comparable to that of the white devil. In addition to the light flow ether, Huilan can only rely on drawing cards. If it is a horoscope that draws a tower or tree, it is really very miserable.

But the skills and equipment are also beautiful! Astrology draw card is to give teammates or self buff, after having burn card skills, it can increase the time, enhance the effect or increase the range of the buff. In all fairness, ordinary people's faces are almost black and white, and there is always a river god in a copy. If you draw the sun god (increase attack power) after burning the tower, the benefit is higher. And it's much easier to get ffxiv gil ingame.

But choosing what classes to play, it's up to you!

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