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MMA Gloves Original post: Wed 4/8/2020 at 7:34 AM

When buying your first MMA gloves, there are several important factors to remember. Also, if you intend to train professionally, you would probably need more than one pair. In comparison to boxing gloves which are different, MMA gloves can be separated into types of fighting.

Gloves are an essential safety item that you have to wear in MMA training. Some believe MMA gloves are there to shield your partner as boxing gloves do, but that's not true. MMA gloves are only for the protection of your hand and wrist. The majority of MMA gloves are 4 oz.



Build Structure

As previously mentioned, MMA fighters perform several stunts with their hands. In addition to defending them, they want to hold onto their opponent's legs and arms with their fingers or to pin them on them. Imagine keeping the opponents underarm to operate a triangle-chock lock or arm-bar, using one boxing glove. Does it feel right? Absolutely no. Your fingertips are essential to be free to carry out the actual assault. That’s why these gloves are made. 


MMA gloves must be made of high quality so you can rely on them. Imagine if they deceive you in the middle of a fight. They should be of the highest quality and can withstand a great deal of use. They must be made of high-quality materials, and the stitching must also be perfect.


Your MMA gloves must fit you properly. They must not be very tight so that your blood flow gets stopped or they might not be too loose as well because you can lose your grip and eventually lose a fight.


Types of MMA Gloves

  1. Grappling GLOVES 

These are made explicitly for grappling with the MMA style. The aim here is to strike a balance between thumb flexibility while maintaining decent protection for the bag works and fights to you. There usually is more finger mobility, which makes grappling with MMA gloves a bit easier, particularly in the clinch. The main difference among other types of MMA-gloves is that they have much more room for your fingers to move.

  1. Sparring Gloves

They have a little more material than the other ones and are smoother shock absorbents designed for stronger impacts. They weigh a little more as well. Do not use standard MMA gloves instead of sparring gloves because it is hazardous. The most important thing is to always go for a better quality product instead of any less qualified variants.


  1. Combat Gloves 

Combat gloves are the gloves you used in the MMA ring fights. They are very lightweight gloves, designed to shield your hands from injury, but not the face of your opponent. They are very different from the other, and they affect your performance a lot. Therefore, you must test what type of gloves you are wearing and practice with those before the actual fight. You must research properly before using gloves for fighting as they can be dangerous for not only you but your opponent as well.

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