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Smart Ways to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job Original post: Tue 4/28/2020 at 1:50 AM

It’s a bit difficult process from applying to getting into the company. It involves many stages that leave us to wait, wait and wait! A lengthy process of seeking a job may leave you feeling pessimist at times as you try hard and the process takes a lot of time. But you should know what behooves you to do during this time. Once you find a job and luckily get a phone call or an email for the scheduled interview, you feel super excited and at the same time nervous about your interview questions. As for sure, it seems that people feel daunted when they hear about their interview in front of a panel consisting of 4 to 6 experts, questioning him one by one or even sometimes they prefer cross-questioning too!

You shouldn’t fear about that day. Here we’ll guide you about some important tips or tricks that help you make your profile good and increase your chances of getting a job. Many factors matter like your resume, your confidence, your knowledge and even a Thank You note can add a plus point to it, as Patrick Algrim of told us, "Writing a thank you note after your interview can increase the chances of getting a job by more than 30%."

Follow the points and end up with a thumbs up after your interview.

  1. Your resume has a great role

Generally, we make a resume and forward it to all the firms or companies we are applying for. This is not an attractive idea! As you make a cover letter purely specific for a job you have applied for, same should be the case with your resume. Your resume should represent you speaking about that particular job. You actually need to answer the question indirectly that Why they should hire you? You should be specific about the specialty you have and will prove to be good for their company. Now this simply doesn’t mean that you have to praise yourself in a resume, but rather a resume should be professionally well built and be specific about the Job – with its mention. Meaning that, your skills and expertise should match the position you have applied for.

  1. Your body language and dressing

One must dress up for not he is but for what he wants to be. A first look can give a quick impression of any person. A properly dressed person from head to toe that increase your confidence. Your first impression can greatly impact on your chances. Your personality part is well dependent upon your dressing. Be decent and classy!

  1. Be real and confident

Hiring committee doesn’t want a candidate who has tried to cram the questions and have appeared after rehearsal. They want a real and confident person for their company who will not respond in a fake manner but rather be real. Don’t try to be someone else to impress them, but be Yourself! Your language, your selection of words and your tone and expressions matter a lot.

  1. Send a Thank You note once you’re done

Most often people don’t think about their post interview activities. Either they don’t know what it is or they don’t how to write it. No matter what happens next, your part is to spare a thank you note to the employers who conducted your interview as to present a good gesture of gratitude. This shows how professional you are and how concerned you are about the job. It increases good chances of your recruitment. As stated in the quote mentioned above by Patrick Algrim, it increases your chance by more than 30%!


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