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Welcome to the Lackawanna College Online Campus
This newly upgraded online feature allows prospective students to browse valuable information about the institution and its Undergraduate Admissions enrollment procedures.

About Lackawanna College

Lackawanna College is a two-year, private institution with its main campus located in Scranton, Pennsylvania and Satellite Centers in Hazleton, Hawley, New Milford and Towanda, all in Northeast Pennsylvania. Lackawanna College provides educational opportunities for career and professional development with over twenty five (25) associate degrees programs, continuing education and certificate programs, a state certified Police Academy, and many other options for individuals to improve their personal resumes.
Lackawanna College distinguishes itself by offering various educational opportunities to all persons seeking to improve their lives. The college's "open" admissions policy affords every individual an equal opportunity to set educational goals that are attainable and challenging. Lackawanna College welcomes students from all educational backgrounds in their attempts to meet their educational and career goals in the pursuit of their college education.

Admissions Procedures

Admissions Requirements

Even though LackawannaCollege features an ‘open enrollment policy’ there are several steps each applicant must complete to gain acceptance.  The application process involves completing the following procedures:


·        Submit an Application for Admission with a non-refundable $35 application fee payable to Lackawanna College.


·        Submit an official high school transcript or official GED (diploma or scores). If currently a high school senior, the applicant may be accepted, but must ensure that his/her final transcript is on file no later than thirty (30) days following graduation.


·        Official SAT/ACT Test Scores-Although not required for acceptance to LackawannaCollege, standardized test scores will be evaluated for placement purposes.  Students who have earned acceptable scores in all sections of the SAT will not be required to take the College’s placement exams.  Alternatively, students who have not achieved these scores or have not taken the SAT’s will be required to take the placement exams.


·        Official College Transcript(s) if the applicant is a transfer student. It is the responsibility of each applicant to request transcripts for review (Applicable for TRANSFER STUDENTS ONLY)


·        Complete an Admissions Interview-After submitting a college application, a Lackawanna College Admissions Advisor will contact each applicant to schedule their interview date. The admissions interview will allow each candidate to visit campus, determine individual educational goals, complete placement testing (if required) and to finalize all enrollment requirements.  Applicants will not be officially accepted to the college until they complete all of the above mentioned admissions requirements.


Once an applicant has completed all of their admissions requirements, an official acceptance letter will be issued via mail to confirm the status of the prospect. At this time each prospective student wishing to confirm their enrollment to the college must submit a non refundable $80 Commitment Fee.  This commitment fee will guarantee a place in the freshman class and allow for further processing of enrollment and financial aid paperwork. 


International Students

International applicants must meet several requirements before a student visa (I-20) will be issued. These include:

  1. Satisfy all the admission requirements listed above
  2. Submit TOEFL and SAT scores (if available)
  3. Submit official high school transcript (transcripts must be translated into English and include a graduation date)
  4. Be officially accepted to Lackawanna College
  5. Submit documentation that the student will be able to meet the cost of a full year’s tuition and living expenses by completing the Certificate of Financial Responsibility.
All international applicants will be required to either have or obtain a current and valid F-1 Visa in order to enroll at Lackawanna College.
Admission standards and policies are free of discrimination on grounds of race, creed, color, religion, national origin, disability, age or sex.  Physical and/or instructional limitations of the College may compel restricted admission to certain curricula.

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Contact Us

Lackawanna College has an "open" admissions policy.  This policy affords every individual an equal opportunity to set educational goals that are attainable and challenging to him or her.  Lackawanna College encourages students to concentrate on career goals in the pursuit of their college education.

For information about Lackawanna College or the admissions process, please contact us toll free @ 877 346 3552 or email us at
Admissions Office
Main Building
501 Vine Street
Scranton, PA 18509 
You can also reach your admissions advisor by phone or email.

Jeff Gregory

Director of Admissions

(570) 961-7868


Michelle Ketten

Assistant Director of Admissions

(570) 504-8094


Steve Voytek

Assistant Director and Specialty Programs Coordinator

(570) 961-1491


Stan Kucharski

Admissions Advisor

(570) 961-7851


Samatha Patterson

Admissions Advisor

(570) 504-7926


Eddie Perry

Admissions Advisor

(570) 961-7889


Trudy Breymier

Enrollment Services Coordinator

(570) 961-7814


Freida Myers

Enrollment Services Technician

(570) 961-7898


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