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Social Psychology (PSY 250)

Term: 2016-2017 Academic Year Spring


Beth Ann Delaney
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    PSY250 (formerly SSC250) - Social Psychology

    Study of individual thoughts, emotions, and behavior as affected by cultural and social stimuli. Emphasis on the analysis of human conduct in social settings. This course will introduce major approaches, debates, and theories of Social Psychology. Emphasis will be placed on relating course content to students? life experiences. (3 Credits) Prerequisite: PSY105


    PSY 250
    1.To understand the impact of social interaction, group membership, and social structure on the social behavior of ndividuals.
    2. To understand the intrapsychic processes of cognition, attribution, and learning that underlie social behavior.
    3. To understand intergroup conflict and social movements among various racial and ethnic groups in society today.
    4. To understand the theoretical perspectives in social psychology.
    5. To understand contemporary social psychology and some of the work that social psychologists have researched.
    6. To understand how course content impacts student’s social engagements.