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PSY 245
1. Distinguish among illicit drug use, deviant drug use, drug misuse, drug abuse, and drug addiction.
2. Describe the methods for gathering information about drug use and recognize the advantages and disadvantages of each method.
3. Become aware of recent trends in illicit drug use among high school students and adults of all races and ethnic groups.
4. Recognize psychosocial variables related to drug use.
5. Describe three basic processes relating to addiction.
6. Discuss some current methods of treating addiction.
7. Identify the major subdivisions of the nervous system and describe their function.
8. Complete a drug analysis paper describing a specific drug, the scope of the use of the drug in the U.S., how the drug affects the brain, the acute and chronic effects of the drug, the dependence potential of the drug, the effects of the drug on an unborn fetus, and the treatments available for people who abuse the drug.