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ENG 110
1. To compose a 6-page MLA documented research essay performing critical analysis of a text and utilizing a minimum of 8 academic sources.
2. To explain our own roles in interpreting a literary work as we bring values, experience, interdisciplinary knowledge, and beliefs to the interpretation.
3. To develop and utilize various critical approaches to literature.
4. To critically analyze our own reading skills, writing skills, and thought processes for bias and flawed logic.
5. To demonstrate cultural and gender sensitivity by effectively self-identifying and eliminating language bias in our own writing and speech.
6. To utilize various forms of print and electronic references, evaluating each of these for logic, validity, and reliability.
7. To subject a hypothesis about literature to critical analysis utilizing data, facts, and authoritative expertise either to confirm or refute a point of view.
8. To recognize that any form of reading engages a dialogue with the text. This dialogue, when written, helps us to develop response statements.
9. To compose in an electronic environment and use the resources of word processing software to improve writing.
10. To compose work to be included in Student Credential Portfolios.