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Developmental Psychology (PSY 205)

Term: 2016-2017 Academic Year Spring


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    PSY 205 (Formerly SS 231) - Developmental Psychology
    This course studies the developmental changes in intellectual, emotional, motor and social behavior from infancy to adulthood. Special emphasis is given to the influence of heredity and to physiological, educational and social variances in the emotional and intellectual growth of the individual (3 Credits). Prerequisite: PSY 105


    PSY 205
    1. Recognize the early stages of life with emphasis on nature/nurture issues with emphasis on racial and ethnic differences.
    2. Describe the early origins of intelligence, habit formation, physical, and motor development.
    3. Review the relationships that exist between children and their parents, siblings, and peers.
    4. Explain theories associated with several (psychodynamic, cognitive, behavioral, social and moral) perspectives to understand growth and development.
    5. Describe adolescence as a physical and cultural phenomenon.
    6. Describe the biologically maturing person and the roles that parents, peers, and society play in the individual’s quest for maturity.
    7. Explain the aging process in relation to sociological, cognitive, physical and cultural influences.
    8. Describe the later years of life with emphasis on quality of life issues.