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Stats for Behavioral Sciences (PSY 140)

Term: 2016-2017 Academic Year Spring


Glenn Murphy
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Thu, 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM (1/23/2017 - 5/12/2017) Location: TOWA


This course is an introduction to the principles of statistics for students who plan to major in psychology or other social sciences. It includes information on levels of measurement, central tendency, dispersion, correlation, significance tests, confidence intervals, analysis of variance, the use of inferential statistics as well as other related statistical topics. Excel and SPSS will be used to analyze data. Emphasis will be place on helping students become knowledgeable consumers of behavioral science research. (3 Credits) Prerequisite: MAT120


PSY 140
1. Describe the process of statistical inference
2. Identify sampling methods that are appropriate for inference
3. Interpret and graph the results of an experiment
4. Interpret results of statistical computations and draw appropriate conclusions
5. Use Excel and SPSS to conduct statistical analyses