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Additional Help

Help with Accessing the Portal

Help with Navigating the Portal

If you have tried the above steps and still cannot access the portal, please contact IT Services by calling (570) 955-1500 or by emailing

Welcome to Lackawanna College's Online Campus.
Since you are not logged in, here are a few things you might want to do.

  • - If you are interested in applying to Lackawanna College but have not done so yet, click here for the Undergrad application, or click here to apply to the Police Academy.

The Eighth Annual Lackawanna Reads
One Book, One College

Ugh!?! Not Another Diversity Book! 
When Multicultural Competence Meets a Real Reality

by Justin LaKyle Brown

There are no recent college-wide updates.

Payment Plan Payment Due

Payment Due 09/15/18

Please note: If you are not enrolled in the Lackawanna College Payment Plan your balance is DUE IN FULL

BookStore Credit Available

If you have a credit available on your student account, it is now available to be used for textbook purchasing for the Fall 2018 semester in our Virtual Bookstore until 09/14/2018.

It is important to note that if there is a change in your financial aid you will be responsible for the books purchased.


Electronic Billing

Lackawanna College eBill

Lackawanna College does not mail paper invoices. An email notification will be sent when your eBill is available.

You will have the ability to view and print your billing statement as well as make payments online.


Lackawanna College Payment Plan

Looking for an easier way to pay your Fall 2018 semester tuition?

Enroll in the Lackawanna College Payment plan today!!

First Payment due July 15, 2018